Creactive*   research through collaborative practices and urban design at  1:1 scale.

Nada Colectivo is a “Sensory River” that through the “Communication’s Methodology Delta” and the “Daily Processes Delta” leads to the “Conscious Projects Ocean”.



· res nata*

· a meeting place

· uncertainty

· seven tailored drawers

· the unseemly spot where two parallel lines meet

· horizontal drifting

· an ocean in which to dive

· a language laboratory

· an inventory of live recipes

· a napkin that invites you to tell stories and draw scribbles

· imagination, laughter and continuous swimming

· perception, understanding, awareness

the concept

Sociocultural conception and urban creation based on service design, ambience psychology and virtual communication.

We aim to break the paternalistic relation between those who project space and those who use it: we design with [not for] people. Through empathic communication and reciprocal listening, correlation and empowerment the citizen wake up the sleepy terrain vagues of the city.

the objective

We carry out a viable alternative to the most recognized form of design through collective management in the phases of ideation, activation and construction of urban projects.

Against the realm of narcissism, we find satisfaction in the analogy of co-creative, collaborative and curious processes; in generating touchable and untouchable ecologic results for an efficient living together.

the team

Each one coming from its peculiar “Asteroid B-612”, we crossed our paths for the first time in 2016 in Basurama’s “Spaceship”.

Currently, our based in Madrid is composed of five people (an engineer, an architect and three designers), we also have support in graphic design from Milan and in architecture from Santiago de Chile.

NADA understands design as a universal language. Our transdisciplinary professional skills  gained from our academic and vital intercultural backgrounds allow us to reach several project scales, generate an environment of apr(h)endizaje* and collective development.  


Francesca Alessandro – IT – engineer and (sur)realist
→ Ana CSC – VK – somiatruites*
Laura Corradi – IT – happily urban
Jesús J. Ambite – ES – human trainee
→ Silvia Lanfranchi – IT – visual designer & pineapple lover
→ Clara Maseda Juan – ES – urban scenographer dreaming up…
Victoria Santos – CL – undetermined