Camminare con lentezza – crowdfunding!

NADA has a project and needs your help!*


Who are we?

NADA Colectivo is a transdisciplinary Imaginary who investigates new forms of creation committed to society through artistic action and free participation.


Camminare con lentezza is a living experience, drifting from Madrid to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria intersecting places, people, ideas and moments.

We are a young collective looking for self-awareness.
We want to learn through the experience, to visit different collectives, associations and non-hierarchical structures, to understand their working spaces and their projects.

We intend to develop a network of creation, exchange and growth, connecting entities who share similar values, interests and intentions to create an atlas of stories and experiences.


_an interactive and collaborative map continuously evolving, which starts on day #1 of the trip and keeps drawing itself with connections,

_a publication that, on the one hand, tells stories and experiences useful for those who work in the field, on the other hand is an inspiration for those who want to board an “instructive” journey, an investigation, a learning experience.

_a short film/documentary that narrates our slow walking,

_and why not? a Trip’s Cookbook, including all the shared meals and their respective spontaneous conversations.

What we offer? How can you help us?**


together we can do it!

Collected: 1.365€
Goal: 2.000€

*the crowdfunding, or collective financing, is a form of cooperation between many people to raise an amount of money to support and give a boost to concrete projects.

**For any participation, regardless of the amount we will add your name or pseudonym (if you want to) in the project website under ACKNOWLEDGMENTS.

Our most sincere thanks!

We will send you a dedicated postcard of our trip.

We will send you an electronic copy of the Trip’s Cookbook.

We will send you a postcard of one Trip’s Cookbook’s recipe and an electronic copy of the complete Trip’s Cookbook.

We will invite you to try one Trip’s Cookbook’s recipe with us and we will send you an electronic copy of the project publication (which includes the Trip’s Cookbook).

You will be an official sponsor of the project! We will send you a postcard of the official Poster of the Trip and an electronic copy of the project publication (which includes the Cookbook).