The machine

“The Machine” is an itinerant artistic container built out from leftover materials found around the city for our project “¡Qué Lata!”. Now it is “parked” in its new host house: El Campo de La Cebada, where it has become their current Free Cleaning Zone and stimulates the good and respectful use of shared space.

When a collective has no resources, that’s when it frees its fantasy the most, to invent new solutions and intentions.
This is how the machine was born.

Strolling through Madrid’s streets, we began to collect fragments of the city which, thanks to the Basurama studio, we were able to combine, to shape them.
A cleaning nature was already beginning to emerge in the machine: it was born from the streets’ waste, it was giving them a new life, its own.

We began to lead the machine and it led us on a drift from the Elipa to Malasaña. Here we took part in the Pinta Malasaña festival with a participatory painting action, fueled by the machine which, reaffirming its nature, served to convert the night’s wastes into an art tool.
The action ended and left us with a lived and living object, which could still travel many streets with its wheels.

So Campo de la Cebada welcomed it. Our movable and mutable object was thus transformed into a tool to sensitize the users of the Campo to the need for cleaning, respect and good use of a shared space, becoming a mobile cleaning station on wheels.